Dove Strategy and Campaign

My Role:

  • Worked closely with R&D on developing the Zein test and massaged consumer facing language
  • Identified mass manufacturer for producing in-home demo kit
  • Worked closely with Legal and Regulatory on refining claims and documenting substantiations
  • Developed global campaign strategy and execution plan for regional executions
  • Guided regional marketing teams in adaptation of global TV and print assets, including working with regional legal and regulatory teams

The iconic Dove Bar with a unique formula is a truly superior product in its category. An incremental and repeatable communication model was develop to build Dove Bar globally:

Stage I: Make care & moisturisation matter

Stage II: Now that it matters, own it

Stage III: Fuel growth with new variants

Stage IV: Address perceived weakness in cleansing

For D&E regions, the communication focus is Stage I to set a strong foundation for building brand affinity. In Developed regions, the focus is Stage II and beyond to further building brand preference by demonstrating Dove superiority vs. ordinary soap.

In Developed markets, NA, EU and LATAM, the consumer insight was women were on autopilot when shopping for soap. It never crossed her mind that the soap she uses everyday was stripping her skin. The strategy of indicting soap on "care" had always utilized visually compelling demos to persuade ordinary soap users to trade up to Dove. 

The 2013 Restylane campaign took it further with an even more shocking and relatable demo for women by leveraging the closest proxy for their skin, Zein paper. The challenge of the Zein demo is to turn a highly scientific concept into a consumer friendly and easily digestible message. Zein paper is a film of Zein protein which is similar to protein present in skin and hair. In the presence of harsh surfactants such as soap, the normally insoluble protein is denatured allowing the protein to be stripped away. In the demo, Zein paper was cut into a pink paper doll shape to introduce a sense of humanity and reduce "lab-like" look and feel. The doll shape and the pink color helped build the link to skin and emphasize it was personal.

Close partnership with R&D and Legal resulted in a pointed campaign with a strong message: Dove doesn't strip your skin like soap:

The Zein demo was proven to be a strong and tangible proof at provoking soap users to re-evaluate their soap and re-think the benefits of Dove:

An integrated marketing campaign was built around the demo to get soap users to NOTICE, THINK and ACT by switching to Dove: