I am the collision of two passion points: rigid logical thinking and fluid creative expression. Between studio art and computer science, I chose science at first. After nine years as a software engineer, I was unsatisfied and hungered for something more fulfilling. When I found marketing, I found my calling. Six years of classical CPG brand management training molded me into a strategic thinker, a consumer insight advocate, a campaign designer and executer, a leader of internal and external teams, and a business owner; all with the support and guidance of market data.

Growing up in China in the 80’s, everyone looked the same and acted the same. It planted the seed of pursuing individuality and change in me. The 13 years I spent living in NYC provided the much needed nutrients enabled the development of that seed. I am a forever seeker of creativity and break-through thinking. Energized by on-going disruptive innovations in industries large and small, I strive to be an agent of change and to bring positive impact to people’s lives.

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